Adding value to your property by installing a second loo/ extra bathroom/shower-room/downstairs cloakroom.

Bristol BathroomMany of even very modest new-build houses have a second loo installed because these days people almost take for granted the necessity of the convenience of having a second loo, or even a further shower room/bathroom in family houses.  Many houses built in the 19th and 20th centuries – those properties which most of us live in –  did not have two bathrooms (indeed for most Victorian houses even having an inside loo, was a luxury seldom found) and you may well be feeling that you would like to install a second loo (or if space allows, a shower or even bathroom) for your own use, but also to put your property on a par with the new-builds that are springing up all over the country.

In figure terms it is estimated that a new bathroom will add around 6% to the value of your house. So with a property worth say £200,000 that could equate in very simple terms to an increase in selling price of £12,000, for an outlay of what could be under a quarter of that (though this does depend of course on what you will be spending).  But of equal importance, though not necessarily calculable is the overall effect having attractive facilities in your home has on prospective buyers.  Not quite ‘kerb appeal’ as they have to be in the house to appreciate this! However, like original features and pleasantly proportioned rooms, which are a pleasant discovery when viewing a property, prospective buyers opening the door on clean, attractive and stylish bathrooms/shower-rooms, gives a good impression and registers in a buyer’s mind that there is one less thing that they would need to do on moving in, in comparison to a similar property without these facilities.

Estate agents advise that you should not to go too outlandish when you installing a bathroom if your main reason for doing this is to increase the value and salability of your property. The same applies if you would be refurbishing an existing bathroom.  Keep it simple and classic looking . Also don’t go over the top on costs if you are looking merely to get your money’s worth out of an installation. White sanitary-ware, heated towel rail, attractive flooring, good lighting etc, but no need for marble tiles, integral TV’s or sound-systems, wet rooms, showers with body jets, Jacuzzis or other items that are expensive to buy and install, but will not generally justify their cost when selling your property.   Essentially, do not over-specify, unless your property is in the bracket where expensive, glamorous bathrooms with all the latest gadgets and trends are the norm and would be expected by the viewers of that type of home.

So installing an extra bathroom/shower-room/loo will add value to a property, but additionally you should not forget that there is the added benefit to your family of the extra facilities, while you are living in your home.