I wish I could have a new bathroom/shower-room/cloakroom installed but I can’t because……..

…….. give us your reason and at ROB we will do our best to find a solution that means you definitely can. Here are some of the reasons that we hear.

I would love a bath but the room is too tiny. Though showers are more fashionable, some people just love a bath. We can source short baths which, while you cannot stretch out fully in them, are deep enough that your whole body is submerged in hot water, giving the cosiness and relaxation that people love in a bath, and of course a shower can be installed overhead too. Talk to ROB about compact baths and corner baths which can fit into small and awkwardly shaped rooms.

There are no water or waste pipes where I want a loo to go. The macerator loo is the great invention to allow WCs to go where they have not been able to go before, and all of your water waste in the room can be plumbed to go via this. Pipework bringing water in and taking waste out of the room can be discretely installed behind boxing in. Ask ROB about investing in a macerator loo.

No windows where I want a bathroom to go and I don’t want the space to get damp or trap smells. Not a problem with modern lighting which is quite happy operating in the dampness of steam, and we can also we can install a highly efficient fan system to get rid of steam (etc!)

I think that tiny space it just too small to put in a second loo. Not necessarily so. Talk to us about compact space saving loos and the variety of small basins on the market, neat but large enough to be able to thoroughly wash your hands. Looking at the room as a whole we can work out where these would best be placed along the walls, or perhaps in a corner. If you are on a ground floor, even a low ceiling (say in an under-stairs space with a slopping roof) can be dealt with by looking at digging down into the ground to give enough height. It always pays to ask.

I would love to convert the loft but there is a water tank there. Talk to ROB about installing a pressurised water system so that you do not need a tank in a precious space that could be used for a new room. The added benefit is excellent water pressure for a really generous shower cascade.

I would love to put a loo where the airing cupboard is, but what do I do with the hot water tank? Again talk to ROB about combination boilers, which get rid of the need for a hot water tank and free up the space that the tank took up. Additionally such boilers provide piping hot water at all times as they heat the incoming water instantly.

Never assume that something cannot be done. Speak to one of our design team first so that all solutions can be explored.