Much as you love your family, it is not always a joy to share a bathroom with them. Waiting for ages for a chance to get into the room, clearing up dirty football kit, dropped towels and muddy ring round the bath, tidying away children’s toys constantly, your expensive toiletries used up by a thoughtless teenager, the loo roll holder left empty, constantly, the lid left off the toothpaste etc etc.

If you have the space, why not consider an en-suite or adults only bathroom just for the grown-ups? A place of sanctuary, privacy and calm, a place where only what you want goes, that you can enjoy without fear of being disturbed.

Very simple en suites provide you with the room to suit what you want – perhaps a bidet, perhaps a walk in shower or a basin each? Additionally, there are many types of attractive integral storage available on the market involving cupboards and drawers for your personal toiletries and other bits and bobs, making this not just a bathroom but an extension of the personal space that you enjoy in your bedroom.

A ‘grown up’ bathroom can include various items that might get spoiled or damaged in a family bathroom but which you can enjoy here because you know how to look after them and you know they will not be tampered with. You can express your personalities a bit here, it is your own private space

Because this room will not be full of marauding careless children, you may decide that you do not need it quite so ‘built in’ and functional as the family bathroom. You might want the room furnished a bit more like a ‘room’ than a bathroom, perhaps with a free standing bath in the middle of the room, , or an elegant generously sized old fashioned pedestaled wash basin – or two – one for each of you. You might prefer a chest of drawers, display shelves and an antique cupboard instead of vanity units. Perhaps an antique chair to sit in while you chat to someone in the bath. Curtains and maybe a deep pile carpet – as you know the floor will not be abused.

If you have space the bathing area to be an extension of a dressing room with fitted wardrobes and storage drawers which lead off the bedroom.

On the other hand, this room may be the last word in the ultra-modern bathing experience, with very trendy wash bowl type basin(s), or with a vast walk in shower or a completely tanked wet room. You might have a Jacuzzi big enough to share or simply a large bath with fittings in the middle so people can sit comfortably at each end. You can also have a specially designed bathroom television or sound system if you so desire.

Speak to ROB about what you would like, ideally, from your en-suite Ask us to help you to make the most of the space available to you and within your budget. Get some private space back from your beloved family!