Bathrooms that are in keeping with your property and reflect your particular taste.

The majority of clients, when they ask ROB to design and install a new bathroom, are looking for modern clean designs with quiet elegance.  People have seen these bathrooms in hotels, the washrooms of trendy restaurants, in bathroom showrooms, on-line and in house design magazines. They ask ROB to design their own version of this style.

Not everyone however wants to go down that route and ROB are always happy to install a bathroom that is a bit ‘different’.

Many buildings in the UK were built in the 19th century and some people would like to reflect this in the style of bathroom/shower-room/cloakroom they install. You can go the whole way and install a WC with a high level cistern, a free standing steel bath, and heavy 19th Victorian style radiators.

Alternatively, you can have a slightly diluted version of this style. Why not choose a Victorian ‘type’ close coupled WC (or one with a very truncated down pipe) appropriate pedestal basin and a plastic Victorian style bath – far warmer to lie in – with a hand held or wall mounted shower with a large old fashioned rose?  Finish the look off with appropriate fittings and lighting (not gas light thankfully!). Those really attractive Victorian style/Edwardian tiles on the walls and floors look fantastic – but don’t forget that you can incorporate under-floor heating, though you can also get some slim and efficient modern ‘Victorian style’ radiators and towel rails too. 

In any event you will enjoy modern electric light, efficient plumbing, reliable water heating and pressure and the warmth of modern room heating and double glazing.  You don’t really want to be authentically 19th century in this sense. 21st century plumbing, heating and insulation are definitely preferable!

Much UK housing stock was also built between the wars and there are thousands of semis and bungalows throughout the land that would once have had an art deco style bathroom. The angular lines of the era are easy to enjoy using replica modern sanitary ware and fittings designed in this style.  Reproduction tiles in the appropriate distinctive colours, mirrors, light fittings and radiators all complete the look. Again it is easy to enjoy the undoubted improvements in all aspects of the domestic bathroom we have seen in the last 70/80 years while still enjoying a very attractive and nostalgic look.

While some people ripped out years ago, or are finally grateful to be ripping out now, the coloured bathroom suites of the 60s and 70s, others are nostalgic for era which is, after all, over 40/50 years ago now.  Many younger people, particularly, embrace the furniture and style of those (in their eyes) bygone eras and, naturally, the bathroom is included in the overall look of such homes. ROB are happy to install the reconditioned coloured sanitaryware that is available on-line for the authentic look.  

Just give ROB a call to discuss your very particular wishes further.