At ROB  we are very passionate that everyone should enjoy their bathroom and we take particular interest in offering those of our clients with mobility issues, or with other physical challenges, the best possible design for their bathroom.

There is absolutely no need for a bathroom such as this should in any way feel like it is in a hospital or that its functionality completely destroys any sense of style. Modern bathrooms of this nature are elegant and sleek without a hint of ‘institution’ about them.

There is no reason why you should no longer enjoy being able to bathe yourself and you certainly shouldn’t have to feel unstable or scared every time you want to use your bathroom. Keep your independence for as long as possible by talking to ROB about the sort of bathroom that you would like in your home.

There are, for example, showers that you can easily walk into if that would be of help to you. Showers can be installed with large enclosures allowing you to move around within them easily. They can contain seats where you can sit under the cascade (and these can be folded away). Floors can be fitted with non-slip surfaces to give you extra confidence. Hand rails can be placed where you require them. ROB will talk with you about the ergonomics of your bathroom and how you intend to use it so that rails and other aids are placed exactly where they need to be. Basins, shower controls and WCs can be installed at a height that is practical for you too. If you are wheelchair bound or care for someone who is, talk to ROB about designing bathrooms with ease of access to the WC, basin and bathing area.

If you are a bath lover there is no need to give up the great pleasure of bathing because getting into a conventional bath is too difficult or you fear not being able to get yourself out. Talk to ROB about walk-in baths, where the clever water-tight design allows you to get yourself in and out unaided.

For those who have problems with movement in their hands, taps, plugs and flushes are all available that are easy to grip, push or otherwise operate depending on what your need is. Ask ROB to show you the available fixtures and fittings for bathrooms that are on the market.

Talk to ROB about the types of heating available. There is no need for you to feel cold at any time in your bathroom, which is very important if you are unable to move quickly. Under-floor heating and heated towel rails keep modern bathrooms warm and comfortable, both while you are bathing and when you are getting dressed.

Do not worry about being able to keep your bathroom clean, either yourself or if you have some help with this at home. Modern bathroom materials are sturdy and durable. Today’s sanitary wear is uncluttered allowing ease of cleaning and hard floors are easy to sweep and mop. Again speak to ROB about easy to maintain bathroom ideas.