What are you looking for in your new family bathroom? This room is going to have to be many things to many people so it is a challenge that needs a bit of thought. ROB are happy to listen to your wishes and needs and come up with solutions for you. Let’s consider some of the things you will want from your family bathroom

Functionality is probably the first thing you will be looking for. You want a shower that provides hot water and plenty of it for those with a busy agenda who just want to wash and go. You will want a bath for those in the household who prefer a relaxing soak. An ideal combination in the average family bathroom is a bath with a shower combined, that acts as both without compromising either. Talk to us about our baths with screens and the types of combined tap fittings for bathing and showering that are available.

There is no reason why comfort should be sacrificed. All of the family should feel that using their bathroom is a pleasant experience. Underfloor heating, for example, gives warmth for everyone, lovely under the feet on chilly mornings and surprisingly useful if some members of the family forget to hang their towels up properly! Towel rails give snuggly warm robes and towels, lovely for everyone after a bath and they are great for drying things quickly when people are in a rush. Easy to operate mixer taps in basins and baths are a great idea for children, ensuring that the small user is neither frozen or – more importantly – not scalded by water from the cold and hot taps.A well designed family bathroom to offer piping hot water for the grown-ups while protecting the little ones.

Durability is important in a room that gets as much traffic as a family bathroom. Ceramic and stone tiles on walls offer easy to wipe surfaces that do not get damaged if they are splashed and their sealed nature avoids water ingress. The benefits of tiles on floors is obvious too, particularly in those areas – say around the loo – that are constantly in use and need cleaning frequently. Baths and showers and WCs with smooth, unfussy surfaces make the frequent cleaning that a family bathroom needs less of a chore for busy families.

Have a look at our clever vanity units and bespoke storage designs for bathrooms. There is no need to have piles of toiletries and children’s toys cluttering up the place. Everything can be tidied away, keeping the bathroom clean and elegant while still keeping handy what everyone requires.

Ask ROB to show you how the lighting in modern bathrooms is also very versatile, giving relaxing and cosy lamp-light like lighting for areas of relaxation, while offering more clarity and precision in areas such as the bathroom mirror for shaving or put on make-up.

At ROB we can help you to make the best of the room-space that you have available. Talk to us about what you want from your family bathroom and we will endeavour to offer you a solution that all of the family will appreciate.