Giving your home a new lease of life – how replacing your worn out bathroom can uplift your property.

A sure way to improve your quality of life in the home and increase the value of your property and its attractiveness to potential buyers is to do up and improve what you already have. You may not have the space or be able to rise to the large outlay of an extension or room conversion, but you can work with what you have to rejuvenate your property.

Nowhere in the home (save perhaps the kitchen) is this more the case than in your bathroom. Both on the obvious level of improvement in the way it looks but also on an invisible level, where the results are experienced rather than seen.

No matter how well we clean and de-scale our bathrooms, finally sanitary-ware can get water stained beyond the point of cleaning and over timed it can get accidentally chipped or badly scratched, in such a well-used room. Bathrooms can also become dated, particularly the coloured suites of the 1960s and 70s or can just start to looking old fashioned but not, unfortunately, classic. Fittings can become dull over time, losing their high gloss finish or metallic coatings, with internal washers and other parts wearing out.

Old floors, particularly carpets, while warm under foot, are not ideal for bathrooms where not everyone is careful how they use the space. These floors can be stained and otherwise unpleasant. Such flooring can easily be replaced by attractive tiles, again to suit all pockets. Modern building prodocuts make the new floor sealed and easy to keep clean. At ROB we will be very happy to advise you about the installation of floor and wall tiles. We can source these, or fit tiles that you buy yourself.

Allow us to help you make your new bathroom feel larger than before. There are a variety of sizes and shapes of basins and WCs that can be cleverly placed to free up more space without sacrificing functionality. Clever use of wall mirrors and lighting can increase the feeling of space and light.

‘Behind the scenes’ your refurbished bathroom can offer you more too. Talk to ROB about pressurized plumbing which will give you sufficient water pressure to run high flow modern showers. Modern plumbing solutions mean that it is not necessary to have a header tank (now you can think about that loft conversion too! Similarly, combination boilers can mean instant hot water, again without need for the old-fashioned airing cupboard water tank.

In the bathroom itself, underfloor heating helps to keep the room warm and dry and means that you won’t miss the carpet that you ripped up. The modern WC flush is a wonder of water saving (good if you are on a water meter), combined with efficient waste removal. The rapid refilling of modern cisterns is a God-send too in a busy bathroom.

Speak to ROB about how much it will cost to replace your old suite and plumb in a new one. You may be pleasantly surprised at the variety of styles and prices on the market. You can get a new lease of life in the family bathroom for surprisingly little.