Installing a second loo/shower-room/bathroom

Imagine a situation where you do not have members of your family hammering on the bathroom door desperate to use the loo while you are in the middle enjoying a restful bath.  Imagine not having to ‘ make an appointment’ to use the only bathroom on a busy morning, when you are already late for work and the whole family need to get through in a hurry. On the other hand, imagine not having the frustration and discomfort of finding someone in the shower or bath when you really want to use the loo.

A second WC, cleverly installed in a large enough under-stairs cupboard, old pantry or defunct airing cupboard (talk to ROB about water heating alternatives) or in newly created room hived from an existing larger room, could well be the answer.  At ROB we would be happy to look into the possibilities of such a room given your home’s particular circumstances and needs. We will advise you about looking at plumbing and ventilation solutions, compact sanitary ware, heating, lighting and power sources as well as other considerations. A downstairs cloakroom would be convenient for visitors and for own your use if you are busy in the garden, kitchen or garage. In any event, just having the back up in a family home of an extra loo is very reassuring – and will soon prove itself very useful.

If the space you have can stretch to accommodating a shower as well, then the benefits to a busy family of this are clear. As ROB just what is possible when you ask them to come for a site visit.

Perhaps you like the idea of a bathroom/shower- room that only the ‘grown up’s are allowed to use. A room that can be calm and elegant  – perhaps with a bidet and, maybe even a walk in wet room – but in any event a space that can free of bath toys, the whole family’s toiletries, discarded clothes etc. If your master bedroom is large enough, perhaps you can spare some of it for your new installation.

You might consider using a box room for a new bathroom or shower-room. If space allows you might be able to go into your loft space, either for the new bathroom or to relocate a bedroom that a new bathroom on the floor below will replace

In addition to many years of comfort and convenience that you and your family will enjoy with your increased facilities, looking longer term family finances will also get a boost. When you come to sell your property it will have added value way beyond the initial prices of installation and the property will just appear more attractive to potential buyers if it has a well installed second loo/shower-room/bathroom.

Tempted to go for a new installation? Speak to ROB about their expertise in plumbing logistics, waste management and water heating solutions, room conversions, room division and making clever use of very small spaces.