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Showers – Your options for installing a shower

Many people prefer the speed and convenience of a shower these days at least for everyday bathing, and in the heat of summer, even confirmed bath lovers don’t wish to be overheated and prefer an instant wash in running water. If you are thinking about installing a...

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Adding value to your Bristol property

Adding value to your property by installing a second loo/ extra bathroom/shower-room/downstairs cloakroom. Many of even very modest new-build houses have a second loo installed because these days people almost take for granted the necessity of the convenience of...

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Warmth and Comfort in your Bristol bathroom

Now that the clocks have gone back and the autumn leaves are swirling around our streets, we are entering the season of bonfires, chilly walks down muddy lanes, braving the elements and the feeling the relief of getting home after a journey from work on a dark rainy...

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Bristol Bathrooms for people with mobility issues

At ROB  we are very passionate that everyone should enjoy their bathroom and we take particular interest in offering those of our clients with mobility issues, or with other physical challenges, the best possible design for their bathroom. There is absolutely no need...

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Thinking of a new bathroom installation in Bristol?

At ROB we are very enthusiastic about offering our services to help people realise their dreams, when it comes to their hopes for a new bathroom, en-suite, shower room or cloakroom, whether it be updating an existing room, or creating a completely new room. If you are...

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Bathrooms for grown-ups

Much as you love your family, it is not always a joy to share a bathroom with them. Waiting for ages for a chance to get into the room, clearing up dirty football kit, dropped towels and muddy ring round the bath, tidying away children’s toys constantly, your...

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Improving family life – Bristol bathroom

Installing a second loo/shower-room/bathroom Imagine a situation where you do not have members of your family hammering on the bathroom door desperate to use the loo while you are in the middle enjoying a restful bath.  Imagine not having to ' make an appointment' to...

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Luxury bathroom fitters in Bristol

Luxury bathrooms exclusive to all our clients At ROB we are very happy to install big budget expensive bathrooms and shower-rooms. We have the skills and knowledge to work with marble, granite, stone and ceramic tiles. We can source up to the minute expensive sanitary...

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Bathroom Fitter FAQs

I wish I could have a new bathroom/shower-room/cloakroom installed but I can’t because…….. …….. give us your reason and at ROB we will do our best to find a solution that means you definitely can. Here are some of the reasons that we hear. I would love a bath but the...

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Family bathrooms Bristol

What are you looking for in your new family bathroom? This room is going to have to be many things to many people so it is a challenge that needs a bit of thought. ROB are happy to listen to your wishes and needs and come up with solutions for you. Let’s consider some...

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Giving your home a new lease of life

Giving your home a new lease of life – how replacing your worn out bathroom can uplift your property. A sure way to improve your quality of life in the home and increase the value of your property and its attractiveness to potential buyers is to do up and improve what...

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Bathrooms that are in keeping with your property

Bathrooms that are in keeping with your property and reflect your particular taste. The majority of clients, when they ask ROB to design and install a new bathroom, are looking for modern clean designs with quiet elegance.  People have seen these bathrooms in hotels,...

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