Many people prefer the speed and convenience of a shower these days at least for everyday bathing, and in the heat of summer, even confirmed bath lovers don’t wish to be overheated and prefer an instant wash in running water. If you are thinking about installing a shower why not speak to ROB about the space you have available and how much you have available to spend. There are various ways you can get a shower in your home, from the ‘telephone style’ mixer tap arrangement over a bath with just a shower curtain or simple screen, way up to the wet room.

The type of enclosure

The combined bath and shower is ideal when space is limited and can be the cheapest way to install a shower. Additionally, showers with healthy water pressure have the full depth of the bath to catch the splashes. Simple fixed screens to specially designed folding shower screen (to let you have the space to really shower properly) are available. A down side of this arrangement is that it is not easy to get into this type of shower if your movement is limited, as you need to be able to step in and out of the bath.

Square corner enclosures (with screens and sliding doors) and quadrant enclosures, with curved glass screens and sliding doors, take advantage of a spare corner of a room so are good for making the optimum use of space. These types of shower are very easy to step into and, as long as the doors are closed properly, the water is well contained. If you have more room there are walk in showers, whose clever screen arrangement stops water escaping even though there is no door to close.

You may decide to put a shower into a specially built space (say if you have a sufficiently sized gap behind a bath in a long bathroom). These can have doors that can be sliding or bi-folding depending on the space available. Or you can go the whole way and turn the entire room into a shower, which has a sloping floor to send all water to the waste pipe ie a wet room.

For those who are a bit unsteady on their feet a shower you can walk into with no or very little need to lift your feet is ideal Additionally, it is possible to give shower floors a non-slip surface. We can install specially designed and secured seats to allow you to sit while you shower, but which can be folded away neatly if not required. Talk to ROB if you are thinking of installing a shower to offer ease of bathing to someone in your household.

Shower heads – which is best for you?

There are some very beautiful fixed shower heads which have a vast rose area and so give a really good drenching, however you may find that for practical purposes a shower head that you can unhook from the wall and hold in your hand and direct around your body is actually more useful for getting properly clean, if not necessarily so aesthetically pleasing in design. Talk to us about the variety of shower heads available and their pros and cons.