At ROB we are very enthusiastic about offering our services to help people realise their dreams, when it comes to their hopes for a new bathroom, en-suite, shower room or cloakroom, whether it be updating an existing room, or creating a completely new room.

If you are thinking about a new bathroom there are various things to consider. The internet allows a potential client to do some research so they can get an idea of their wide variety of options and get some idea of prices.

If this will be a completely new installation, you will need to consider the space you have available, to think about its size, its location in the house, its access to natural light and fresh air. Where it is in relation to existing pipework, both for waste and obtaining water. How is access to be achieved? How will privacy be maintained? Who will be using the new room?  What will they particularly require and what have they a special wish for (a walk in shower perhaps or a long bath where they properly stretch out and relax).

How do these ideas move from your imagination, the page (or computer screen) into reality?  The answer is with the help of an experienced and skilled bathroom installer.  At ROB we will be very happy to see your research and hear your ideas because this will mean that we will be close to offering you what you want right from the very start. When our bathroom designer comes to meet you, sees your ideas and the place where you hope everything will come to fruition, they can immediately consider potential problems and solutions, alternatives, good compromises and fresh ideas that you may not have considered.

Hopefully, before too long your dream will become an actual project that can be fully and accurately costed with no nasty surprises.   We pride ourselves on being very cost competitive, but this is combined with the ability to offer a thorough professional service.  We will also give you an accurate schedule of how long we believe the works will take.

Building work usually involves the dismantling of the existing fabric of a building and consequently it can be a messy business. It is also not finished overnight.  It can be very stressful having strangers working in your house.  ROB understands all this.   We work in the least disruptive, most considerate way we can.  We are sensitive to the fact that we are in someone’s precious home.  We clear up after ourselves every day and we efficiently dispose of site rubbish.

Once the job has commenced, if, for any reason, there will be delays, or an unforeseen or unavoidable increase in cost, we will discuss this with our client immediately and, it goes without saying that if there is any problem with the installation once it is finished, we will immediately seek to rectify this.

Why not get in touch with ROB?  A discussion about your ideas and a site visit will cost you nothing and is undoubtedly a first step in the right direction to achieving the new bathroom of your dreams.