Now that the clocks have gone back and the autumn leaves are swirling around our streets, we are entering the season of bonfires, chilly walks down muddy lanes, braving the elements and the feeling the relief of getting home after a journey from work on a dark rainy night.

What could be a more comforting reward after a winter’s day than a long hot soak in a deep comfy bath? Or perhaps you would rather a cascade of deliciously hot water from a powerful elegant shower – so refreshing after a long day – rejuvenating you to enjoy your evening activities. With the efficiency of modern plumbing and heating systems, winter in the bathroom is a million miles away from the chilly experience, to be got through as quickly as possible, that it once was.

For those who like to take their time in the bathroom we can install deep, smooth sided baths, spacious enough to really stretch out in, with elegant and easily workable controls, subtle adjustable lighting to relax your mood and ambient warmth in the room itself. What better place to sip your tea or savour your glass of wine and close your eyes and drift away.

For those who prefer flowing water, showers with plentiful and adjustable water flow rejuvenate a tired body, warming and easing the muscles into relaxation. Washing away the grime and cares of the day. In the mornings too, the difficulty of getting out of bed on a winters’ morning is lessened by a hot shower bringing you to life in a civilised way, preparing you for the day ahead. Why not take a look at our generously sized shower enclosures? Showering really can be a truly luxurious experience, no need for mean shower stalls, weak show flow or nasty clammy shower curtains these days!

Of course many people like a bathroom with a bath and shower combined and this solution is perfect for many standard family bathrooms. This arrangement gives you the best of both worlds and elegant shower screens give an instant shower enclosure while not making you feel too enclosed while in the bath.

Having finished bathing, the comfort continues in our bathrooms. Underfloor heating keeping the air warmth constant with no nasty drafts. Further heat is given by heated towel rails, placed where you want them, offering dry, warm towels and robes to snuggle into.

Talk to ROB about our design ideas and discuss with us the options and their cost estimates so that we can help you create the warm and comfortable bathroom or shower room of your dreams in your own home. Such a haven can be created in surprisingly small spaces and on all budgets, allowing everyone a little bit of bathroom heaven. Share with ROB your vision for the perfect bathroom escape. ROB can organise all aspects of the installation so you can leave it all to us. Have a look at our website for some ideas; the baths and showers that we have installed, and take look at what properly designed lighting systems can contribute to the warm and cosy atmosphere you want to create.